God’s awesome plan for you…

DREAM Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plan I have for you to Prosper…..

God is an awesome God! He has blessed each of us with special gifts.

If you are blessed with money, he says to give generously to help others be blessed. God wants us to use our money to help those in need to live a better life. God did not put us on this earth to live for ourselves and be selfish. He blessed us with opportunities to have more so we could bless others and that makes us more like Christ.

All blessings and everything we have is because of God’s generosity. He wants us to use our money and possessions to be generous like him. God wants us to use the blessings that are given to us to bless others and share the good news about him with the world. Each time we use our money to help others and share the good news about Christ, it brings people closer to Jesus. Its also an investment in our eternal future.

So God expects us to use our resources to benefit others and make friends. This also means, using your money to encourage your friends and family to trust God. Then when all your possession are gone, and you go to heaven, you will be welcomed in heaven by those you were good to.

Imagine when you’re no longer here on earth and in heaven, those same people you helped will say to you, ‘Thank you for investing in me”. I’m your friend for eternity. I’m in heaven because you cared enough to share with me and bring me to Christ. “You bought me a ticket to an event that saved my life”. Some might say, “You gave me hope because you spent your money and time sharing the good news about Christ with so many”. And now, I am a follower and in heaven because of you.

Helping people find Jesus is the most rewarding feeling and biggest investment your money can be used for. When you give, you give hope, and encouragement to those who are feeling hopeless, lost and confused. So give generously the same way Christ has been generous with you and do it in a way that is pleasing to God. Show integrity and genuine love for others.

The decision to do what is right and trust God is the way to go. It is a daily decision you have to consciously make. God said he will meet your need if you love your neighbor as you do yourself and maintain your integrity.

So give generously and watch it come back to you.  This is how you reproduce, and it applies to every area of your life – especially financial.  2 Corinthians 9:6-7 Who ever give little will receive little. Who ever gives generously will receive generously. God loves a cheerful giver.

When God makes a way out of no way, just know its for his purpose. So when he puts an opportunities in front of you to have abundance of wealth, it is a sign that you have been blessed, rewarded and chosen to help pave the way for others around you to be blessed.

I know first hand what it means to bless others. I purposely look for ways on a daily basis to let people see Christ in me, by making a difference in there life. Today I stopped at a sandwich shop to have lunch, and I was approached by this 3 year old girl selling candy in a box while her mother and little brother looked on. I stop to talk to her and then her mother came over. After talking for a minute, I find out they where in need of money for a hotel. I felt her pain and her worries about her children’s well being. I quickly started thinking of ways I could be a blessing to her and her children. I bought them lunch, gave her money for a hotel and shared with her the business opportunity God has blessed me with and how I can help her live a better life too. She was ever excited, she became emotional. She expressed her appreciation for my thoughtfulness and the hope I gave her for a better tomorrow for her family. I felt awesome, just knowing God has put me in a position to change lives. All Glory to God! Our gifts; money and possessions are to be used to bless others..

Think about it…

Has an opportunity ever come your way for you to have more money to better your life, your family and others around you but you let it pass you by? Think about the people God put in your life to influence and help but do you. God continues to open doors for you to have more to help others, but you have to open your eyes and notice the opportunity when it comes your way. When you help others, your helping God.


Proverb 16:3 Commit your works unto the Lord and your plans will work.