Faith that fits


1 John 2:28   continue to build your relationship so that when Jesus appears you will be confident and unashamed before him when he returns.

When clothes shrink, they no longer fit you properly.  Maybe you washed a delicate piece in hot water or maybe the garment was just cheap quality. Regardless, when something becomes smaller in size,  It’s uncomfortable and hard to wear.

When your faith shrinks, it also feels too small for you to handle the challenge you face in life.  You start to tear at the seam of what you believe, and disappointments began to squeeze your commitment to trust in God in that situation.

The only way you can survive the trials of life is with a faith that fits .  Just as a tailor-made garment  requires daily attention,  you must invest in your relationship with God if you expect to persevere through hard times and trust him.  It’s difficult to trust someone you don’t know .

So don’t let your faith shrink . Invest and grow your relationship with God daily by spending time in his word and prayer.