How do you get past the feeling of disappointments

2 Corinthians 4:16-18 

“God’s plans are always bigger than we think”.

Disappointments can be quite painful regardless of the magnitude.We all experience disappointments: Things we don’t expect to happen to us; troubled relationships, lost of a job, death of a love one, health challenges, financial hardships. Life can catch you off guard; blindside you and  lead to serious problems. People that lose hope from what seem like a lost can sometimes go down hill really fast. Disappointments can leave you with doubts.



When my friend Rene ended a long term relationship that she tried for years to make work. The bitterness, name calling and emotional disconnect took a toll on her life. She never felt an emotional closeness like other couple. Hopes of a great relationship became a nightmare as she became very depressed. Her broken dreams caused her to end the relationship.


When Kevin lost the job he loved…..


He had been with his company for three years. He was dedicated, hard worker and a team player. His co-workers and friends appreciated his work performance but his supervisor always criticized him which made him feel unappreciated. Losing his livelihood to save his job made everything worse. Frustrated and disappointed drove him to quit.


I knew something was wrong before the doctor told me.


The results showed malignancy. The doctor said I had bone cancer and there was no cure, only treatment. At that moment, during that dark time in my life, there was a sense of disappointment because my life was going good. I knew I couldn’t dwell on it. I was not going to lay down and give in to that disease. I said, “I will not be defeated”! I will use every ounce of strength and faith in me to fight back. I took it one day at a time and focused all my energy on healing and having a positive attitude. I encouraged myself  to see the bigger picture in the midst of a trial knowing all things work together for God’s plan and purpose.

Remember when surfer Bethany Hamilton lost her left arm to a shark? Her upbeat attitude shocked people when she said ” this was God’s plan for my life” and I’m going to go with it.” A few months later, she was back surfing. She use her tragedy as an opportunity to inspire others to have faith in God.

When disappointment comes, as it will; Prepare your mind for action; be self disciplined, self-controlled knowing wonderful things will come from this situation if you believe God is in control not you. God offers compassion, forgiveness, and strength to those who trust in Him. Relationship with Him gives us peace of mind and great hope that empowers us to face any disappointment.

While we can sometimes get stuck focusing on what’s happening, the present situation isn’t the end of our journey. Although outside we are wasting away, yet inside we are being renewed day by day. What is happening is temporary, we tend to fix our eyes on what is seen, but what is unseen is eternal”  The thought of our short-term disappointments is nothing compared to the ultimate hope we have in God.

So adjust your expectations. Not every one wins the race, not everyone gets promoted, Illness happens, not every marriage has a happy ending. If your highest hope is in achievement, you will eventually be disappointed.  “As I look back on all I had accomplished, it was all so meaningless……like chasing the wind.”  If you are so afraid of disappointment that you lower your hopes, you can close yourselves off from what God has in mind for you IN THE FUTURE.

Disappointments and failure builds character and patience. It can teach you to win and lose with grace. Romans 5:3-4 ” We can rejoice when we run into troubles, for they are good for us – they help us learn to endure. And endurance help develops strength of character”…. Inter-spiritual strength, the kind that comes from sincere faith in God which helps cultivate our attitudes.

GO DEEPER WITH GOD… Family and friends are important, but humans can let us down. God will never let you down. He said, “I will never fail you. I will never forsake you”. Hebrews 13:5 His love has sustained me over the years from criticism, adversities, financial challenges, and broken relationships. God has a good track record;


God is with me 6

Don’t let today’s disappointments ruin your dreams of tomorrow.

How do I move pass another setback?

journey 9       untitled

Proverb 16:3 Commit your way unto the Lord and your plans will work…

“8 practical ways to build your faith, and trust God during difficult times”.

  • SURRENDER  Your excited! You had a good weekend now Its back to work! You go in on Monday, and your boss calls you in the office and says to you; “ I’m sorry but I’ve got to let you go.. .. the business is slow, production is down, I can’t afford to keep you! Today is your last day, here’s 2 weeks pay, good luck to you! (softly said) What do you do now? How do you react? (Emotions set in, worry?) What’s going through your mind? “Why me”? This can’t be happen to me right now. I got a family to feed! I just bought a new house and a car! How am I going to pay my bills?   Your confused, upset, worried and your feeling hopeless as the days and months pass. You start to weigh your options; the pros and cons, the ins and outs looking for a solution because you need money. Your looking for work, asking for help, taking odd jobs and doing what every you can to meet your obligation. Now the bills are doubling up more and more. You become angry, depressed, and more fearful. You’re very emotional , and you can’t think straight. Your situation has now become your life! You’re focused on nothing else and nothing else matters. Day in and day out you’re consumed with the problem. Remember; God has the final say. Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in me with all your heart, do not depend on your own understanding, seek my will in all you do, I will direct your path…..


Exodus 14:13-14 – Be still I will fight your battle! Hebrews 13:6 The Lord is my helper” so I will not be afraid. What can mere man do to me?”Proverbs 16:9 We can make our plan, but the Lord determines our steps.


Surrender your will! Stop trying to do it yourself! We spend so much time thinking about ways to fix our problem and the more you think about it, focusing on it, the bigger the problem seems to get in our mind…. Don’t you know you can’t control what happens, it’s part of God’s plan. The battle of your situation is not yours. God wants to use you to prove to your enemies he is God. Don’t get in God’s way. Let go and let God have His way with you, trusting his divine plan.

John 15:5 Apart from God, you can’t do anything.

Change your Attitude1 Peter 4:1 Have the same attitude that Christ did. Your attitude plays a big part in your life! It determines your altitude. It determines how you respond to a situation and the outcome. Whether or not you react on your emotions or your faith! You are the only one in control of your thoughts. Your thoughts are powerful so what you think and focus on, you become and it starts to control you. You attract what you want to happen by what you think, how you act and what you say. 

Helpful tools

To change a negative situation into a positive one and produce better feelings and emotions to get positive results, It starts with you! You have to change your think It’s a process. A daily process! And it starts with you making a conscious effort to think good thoughts and be around positive energy;

  1. Be around positive people who have your best interest at heart and bring out the best.
  2. Listening and watch positive uplifting things that bring you joy and make you laugh.
  3. Read self help books, articles and news that feed your spirit…..

Examples of negativity: When you say things like; “I don’t feel good” or “Today’s not a good day” or “I never do anything right” or “what’s the uses”? Right at that moment, you have put it in your mind to believe what you think about yourself then your body will take on your thoughts. You have people in your life you love but every time you try to do something to help yourself, they are there to put you down! Saying things like; “you can’t do that, you don’t qualify” or “ I wouldn’t do that, if I was you” then you start to believe it and take on that belief. What you listen to has a great impact on what you think about ourselves. You might watch a TV show that makes life look good and glamorous then you start to think about your own life and find fault. STOP!! Change that negative thought and start to speak life and healing in yourself. Speak about what you want out of life and what you expect to happen. Say; “ I am special and I have something to offer the world”. ” I deserve to be happy and I deserve the best! Today’s a good day! I am good enough! Speak over yourself even if you don’t believe it right away, over time, if you say it often enough, you will believe it.

Mark 11:22-23 Says; Have faith in God. I tell you the truth, if you say it with your mouth and believe in you heart it will happen. But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart. The key is belief.

Build a personal relationship with God so you can trust him.

Romans 10:17  Faith comes from hearing the word of God through worship; hearing the good news about Christ. Who He is, what he has done and what he continues to do for us…

 You can’t trust God, if you don’t know him. Spend time in his word, mediate on it and be in his presence. Sit and be still after you read the word to understand what you read. Be silent, quiet, breath and do nothing for 15 minutes or more.

Genesis 15:6 It takes faith to trust God. Hebrews 11:6


When you’re dating someone and investing your time and energy your doing it for a purpose to build trust and ultimately commit to a serious relationship. God wants you to trust him the same way but more.

As parent, we do our best to teach our children right from wrong so when they grow up they can take care of themselves and make good choices. But have you found yourself trying to help a stubborn child who doesn’t want your help? How does that make you feel? It gets under your skin when your kids don’t listen to you and they think they know everything and end up learning the hard way. That’s what we do with God the minute a problem happens, we get in God’s way and mess up his plan.  He wants your trust totally and completely.

Proverbs 3:4-5 Trust God with all your heart, do not depend on your own understanding, seek his will in all you do and he will direct your path.


Ask God for help..

Mathews 25:4-5 Show me the path to walk, point out the right road to follow, teach me your truth Lord, for you are the God that saves me. All day long I put my hope in you.

Lord helps me to understand what you are doing in me. Humble me and remove my pride so I can come to you. Build me up with courage and strength to lean on you. I want to trust you Lord with my life, help me know you better. Now, get close and stay close to God’s word. You’re going to need it while you wait for answers, so you don’t give up…

Psalm 32:8 God will guide you.

Galatians 5:22 Patience is evidence of the Holy Spirit working in you.

Be patient with God for answers.


Reach out to people for help…

Job 2:12-13  Open your heart and except help! Ask for prayer and scriptures, support, encouragement and assistance to help you get through tough times. Ask for church assistance, community resources assistance, outreach program to get you through tough times. Let go of pride, it serves no purpose. Trust that God will make a way….

2 Corinthians 1:3-11 God comforts those who are hurting.

John 16:33 Jesus has overcome the world’s troubles

Luke 18:9-14 Pride cuts us off from God’s and others.

Friends should comfort each other.

 John 14:16 God’s Holy Spirit is our comforter


Go help someone in need. Remember God is working on you from the inside.

Take your mind off yourself and go fine someone to help. Go help your neighbor, your church, volunteer your services at a shelter or a community center. Go share what you know about God and what he has gotten you through already. Encourage and uplift someone’s spirit.

Romans 15:4 we are each other’s keeper…




Spend time daily talking and praying to God……….

Spend time and connect with God.  Do one of these daily things for 20 minutes or more: 

listen to positive music or an inspirational audio.

Read the bible and anything positive…

Pray and talk to God, then meditate on his word. (Be still, quite and listen).

Go to places you can learn and grow-

Resources: Community outreach programs and churches,

Church service

Bible group studies

Meetings, social groups

Concerts, retreats, conferences, a play etc

Be around mind-like people for support and connection..Ways to fight back in time of trouble. Fight with the word of God. Speak positive thoughts out load. Say it over and over! Speak it all day, every day. Use Scriptures, affirmation and positive thinking to feed your soul. Put sticky notes with scriptures and affirmations around the house to help you remember God’s Word.  James 1:2-4

When troubles come your way, let it be an opportunity to give God joy. For when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow so let it grow. For when it is fully developed you will be stronger in character and read to handle anything.

Know the word

Speak the word

Act on the word. Apply it to your life….  Trails are just a test of your faith!

Mathews 11:2 Human sacrifice makes away for Jesus to do what he needs to do.

Ephesians 6:10-15…Put on the Whole Armor of God to fight back…

It’s the confidence of what you hope (know) will happen- Gods promise You can’t waver. You must trust that it will happen in God’s timing…NOT YOURS! How you respond to your situation will determine how much you believe.

You have to memorize scriptures to fight back with faith….

Memorize scriptures. Do you believe the word? In your heart!!  Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the confidenceExodus 14:14 Be stillGet ready; be ready with God’s word in your head, so you don’t have to get ready. Be prepared.WHEN YOU CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT THINGS, THE THINGS YOU LOOK AT CHANGE. WHEN YOU CHANGE, THINGS HAPPEN!

Roman 12:2 Be Transformed

Proverb3: 5-6 Trust the Lord with all your heart..

Right at the moment of impact when you get bad news, let your faith sources kick in!!! Scriptures and prayers, you speak Gods word, acknowledging that you believe and you trust His plan.

Are you living your truth? Sowing seeds….You have to speak the word- From your lips

Key word – Know – believe

Hebrews Faith is not maybe what you hope. Stay hopeful and positive. Arm yourself with Gods words right at the moment of a situation.

Trails are just a test of your faith…. We know it hurt and it don’t make sense, but God had a plan..

Rejoice in the Lord Always, regardless of the circumstances. Even in the mist of the storm. Not just when things are going good. We don’t choose when to give the Lord Glory ; Only when things are going great or when we feel like it..

When you’re told by the doctor, the baby your caring is steal born.

The excitement of the holidays is quickly disrupted by a family tragedy.

When you get the surprise letter in the mail from the IRS that you owe back taxes, now your bank account is levied and your checks are garnished;

When you have more bills than money;

The relationship you thought would last forever turns into bitter divorce;

When the boss call you in his office and give you a 2 week notice that your services is no longer needed;

When the Dr tells you, you have a disease and you might not make it;

The moment something happens and our emotion kick in, your attitude flairs up and you start trying figure it out the situation; Remember your thoughts will determine your actions. How you act and what you do next will determine the result of your action?

 1 Corintians 15:19 Jesus gives us Hope for a better tomorrow. We just have to be open to receive Gods blessing when the time comes so get ready and stay ready…..

Trust, don’t worry!


Worrying takes years off your life, Trusting God adds years!

imageMONEY 100

Mathews 6:26 God reminds us that the animals don’t worry, they trust God to provided..

Philippians 4:6-7 Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything…

Realize nothing in life is certain, hard times can strike at any moment: Ecclesiastes 7:14 You can have it all one day and lose it all the next day. You can have a lot of money one day and go bankrupt the next. No matter how much you earn or save, money is uncertain so why worry when things happen.

When I was sick with cancer, I remember my house being in foreclosure for 8 month because I could not work. I was behind on everything and it looked like there was no relief in sight. From my eyes, what I could see and thought, all hope was gone. But I remember Gods words from the bible; I am your helper, do not be afraid. Be confidence that I will provide for you, what can mere man do to you. Hebrews 13:6 I knew at the moment,if I would just put my trust in God, all things would work out for me. If I would just surrender, trust and don’t worry God would make a way and turn my situation around. So I prayed and gave all my trouble to God and took my mind off myself. I focused on my peace of mind, and got out of God’s way. God stepped in to fix my problems. He saved my home and took care of all my other needs. When you ask God for help, he steps in because he loves you and He reminds us that his plan and what we go thought is for his purpose. God just want us to depend on Him for everything because his love for us is unconditional. So when things happen and you don’t understand why, just know God knows why. He has a plan to prosper you in his way for his purpose in his time.

So when your felling fearful and worried because you don’t understand why things are happen to you, God is working in you to get your attention. To show you there are better things to be concerned about than money. Life is about more than just material things. God is your provider, so even if you go bankrupt, remember its not the end of the world and its for a reason. Focus your attention on what truly matters…

Jesus reminds us that animals and plants don’t worry. The animals don’t say,” I better prepare for a rainy day”. Its only us as humans who don’t trust God to provide for us. We try to plan, fix and do things ourselves, but in the end its God’s plan that will work.

Financial fears comes from a misunderstanding about God and what he promised to do for you. He has taken on the responsibility to be your provider. He say’s I’m your heavenly Father, your my child and I will take care of your needs. We make things complicated and we make the choice to take matters into our hands when we doubt God’s love for us. God knows what’s going on in your life and with your finances. God knows all your needs, even before you ask. He will provide because you are important to him. He said; ” I will never leave you or forsake you”.

No matter how discouraging life may sometimes get because of the trails that comes your way, you should never allow those obstacles to bring down your spirit or question God’s plan for your life. You must fill yourself up with confidence knowing the Lord has a great purpose and plan for your life. Until your life’s plan has been fulfilled, your life is still not finished. Be encouraged and know that greatness is instilled within you thats meant to spring forth and make a difference in this world that will never be forgotten.

Work at making a conscious effort to be thankful for what you have and where you are in life; knowing God has a plan for you. Thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything you can understand. His peace will guard your heart and mind as you live in Christ Jesus. God has started a work in you and he will finish it. Draw closer to God and stay focused on your relationship with Him so he can continually work in you.

God’s wisdom leads us to live the best possible life. He has promise to give you his wisdom when you look for it. You must look for it by staying connected with him then you will live the life He designed for you to live. You must learn that your choices define who you are.

What is God saying to you? What does God want you to take hold of in your life and use for his glory? How does God want to position you for his plan?

Before you take on the daily challenges that life may bring your way, Its so important how you start your day. Spend just a few minutes every morning with God for strength, courage and peace for the opportunity to put yourself on the right track and set a positive tone for the day. 


God, I realize that life is a journey of learning to trust you with my whole being. Please strengthen me with your glorious power to endure from day to day knowing all things happen for your purpose.


 Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plan I have for you, says the Lord. “they are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

Your journey matters, By AC,


Forgiveness is a choice!


Mathews 18: 21-35 – Don’t keep track of how many times you forgive. God says to forgive over and over again just as he forgives us.

Forgiveness – It’s something we as humans being struggle with daily because we are prideful, emotional being. We have two emotions; one good and one bad and our lives are controlled by them both in the way we think, act, and respond to things.

Something has happened in your life that was painful and disappointing; a family member hurt you, your spouse cheated on you, your kids didn’t turn out the way you thought they would or a close friend borrowed money from you and never paid you back. Each time you think about it, you add a new thought and it’s equally painful. You blamed the person for how you feel and because of it; you build up hatred and bitterness. You say; “I’m not going to apologize, he hurt me”. Or “I’m not going to give in, she left me! or I’m the victim, they owe me!

You’re at the point, where you are powerless and insecure because that situation has control over you now. And for selfish reasons, you don’t want to look bad or weak to the other person so it’s better to stay mad that way the person you’re mad at knows how much they hurt you. But who is controlling who? Who is the situation really affecting?…You! It affects you more because you keep the memory alive in your heart by not forgiving and that stops you from moving on with your life.

I could have held a grudge against my mom for beating and abusing me as a child and my dad for molesting me, but not forgiving is another form of abuse; ITS SELF ABUSE..

Not forgiving affects your relationships’ and the people around you. It’s hard for you to trust people because your wall is always up and you can’t open up for people to get to know you.. You judge, you size people up and you criticizes others because you haven’t dealt with the past hurt and pain that hinders you from growing and living a joyful peaceful life.


Taking small steps to forgive can add such great value to your life…..

If you could throw yourself into taking some action to forgive, you would start to feel better.

If you could put what is bothering you out of your mind, altogether and focus on your self-worth, you could start to feel even better.

There are many thoughts that could free you from your state of mind, but you have to make a conscious effort to focus on feeling better. You have to think and feel different thoughts, until you find one that gives you a bit of relief.

As you focus on the situation…STOP at that very moment, make a conscious effort to change your thinking to something positive! EX: Say; I love me! I care about me and I want the best for me! I love people and I want the best for people!

When you are conscious of what you want and what you don’t want, then you control whether or not you get it. You have a better understand in your heart of whether or not you’re headed in the right direction to get the results you want.

You and only you can change you!!  It starts from within. Make a conscious effort to forgive someone ON PURPOSE!

Your journey matters stay hopeful!

Reference on FORGIVENESS:

Colossians 3:13 says; freely forgive others as God has forgiven you.

Psalms 86:5 – God forgives us because he loves us.

Mathews 6:14-15 – we must forgive others.














How to stay positive when the pain is to much to bare…

Hope change God is with me 7

Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the confidence of what you HOPE will happen. Its the assurance of what you want to happen but cannot see.

1 Peter 4:1-2 Christ suffered physical pain for us. He bared our sins and was crucified. He said; “have the same attitude he had and be ready to suffer too”. For if you have suffered physically for Christ, you have finished with sins. You won’t spend the rest of your life chasing your own desires, but you will be anxious to do the will of God. No one wants to go through pain and suffering. It’s not something we plan or look forward to. We don’t look for it, nor do we invite it into our lives. But the reality is, it happens.

When I was hit with the news that I had cancer, my faith went out the window for a moment  and my emotions took over. My first thought was unbelief! I couldn’t believe this was happening to me because I ate right, I exercise and I take care of myself. It was hard for me to believe it.  While I was thinking about it over the next few days,  I was hurt, scared and emotionally overwhelmed with negative thoughts like: “I’m not going to be beautiful anymore”, “I’m going to be ugly and lose my hair”. “I’m going to be handicap and helpless and I might even die”. It took a few days for the news to really sink in and for me to get a grip that regardless to how I was feeling or what I thought, It’s happening! I could be bitter, angry, stressed, upset, depressed, frustrated,  placing blame or even have a poor me attitude but it won’t change the fact that I have cancer! A deadly disease and I’m going to go through suffering just like anyone else who has experienced cancer. So now what? At that moment, I thought about God, my faith and what I really believed.  I started building a relationship with God before this happened to me a few years before so I said ok? Do I lean on the word of God and put my faith in him or the doctors and my own understand of what’s going to happen to me? I said; “the biggest test is not the cancer I need to worry about, Its my faith”.  All that I know, learned and believed would now be tested”. I took a leap of faith and decided I was going to trust God with all my heart, mind, body and soul. He is in control of my life and so I surrender! I said, I’m not going to be a victim, I’m going to stand on God’s word and give him my problem while I stand firm with faith! I’m going to draw closer to God and find peace in this situation. I’m not giving the devil power over me. I will lean on God to help me keep a positive attitude. So now I’m dealing with the cancer, I’m experiencing a lot of pain. I’m balling in tears, pacing the floor, rubbing my legs, praying and speaking life over myself.  It was hard, very hard to stay focused. I would speak the word out loud; “By the blood of Jesus, I am healed’. “ By his stripes, I am healed’. I would speak life into existence over me. saying;  “With God all things are possible”. Philippians 4:13. I would say Lord help me to understand what you are doing with me. It was challenging but I suffered through it and I made it because I was focused! I can say with confidence; I am healed!!!

Our attitude is the driving force of our emotions. It guides the decisions we make in life. Proverb 4:23 says “guard your heart, for it affects everything you do”. Our emotions direct our attitude, and our attitude determines how we deal with things that happen to us. We can’t control the situations that happen in our life; an illness, the weather, the traffic, people’s attitudes but we can control our thoughts and how we deal with the situation because it determines the outcome. Nothing but your faith can prepare you for the unforeseen. God works thing out behind the scene – supernaturally. We may not know how all the details will work out, but God always does what He says He’ll do. So arm yourself with his word, the whole body armor of faith” Ephesian 6:10—–  to fight the enemy with faith and know God has a purpose for your life. What you believe, you should never be without…..Trust in God for he WILL never forsake you.


God give me the faith to believe that nothing is impossible with you and give me the courage to face what’s in front of me today. Even if I don’t understand how things will come together, I put my Hope in you.

Stay hopeful, your journey matters!

You have the power to change…


Mark 1:15 Belief affects the way we live..

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Nothing will change until something inside of you move – BELIEVE!

The abuse and cancer I experienced could have been an

excuse for me to do nothing with my life, but I had the

power to change it into something positive

and make a difference.

Belief in God should be accomplished by action: Deuteronomy 27:10

Hope is the belief that anything is possible!


Staying hopeful

                   Hope is the belief that anything is possible……

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me….

Put yourself in Mary’s shoes for a minute. You’re in your room late at night when an angel appears out of nowhere and tells you you’re going to get pregnant (without having sex) and your son will be a King. To say this is hard to believe would be an under statement. But after receiving this mind-blowing news, Mary does not question God’s promise. Her only question is; “How, I’m a virgin?” Luke 1:34 – Instead of getting caught up in the questions like; “Why me”? “Are you sure?” Mary’s responses is, ok.  In that moment, Mary shows us what it means to live in hope.

Living in hope is realizing that nothing is impossible with God. The same God that made away for a virgin to give birth wants to do the impossible in our lives today. The child that leaves you with sleepless night is within God’s reach. The Cancer that threatens a love one’s life is not beyond God’s ability to heal. Living in hope, Mary believed God and followed the signs he gave her.

I had rod put in my leg because the cancer ate up my bone. When that happened, I had very little felling in my leg so it was hard to walk. When I went for therapy, I was afraid to get out of my wheel chair because I thought I would fail. In my mind, I doubted my ability to walk again; “thinking I would never be normal” because I had cancer, a rod in my leg and over weight because of the steroids in my medication. I struggled with who I was and that hindered me. Until one day I was thirsty for some water and no one was around to help me. I pulled myself up out of my chair and reached for a glass in the cabinet but I had to let go of my wheelchair and put my feet on the floor. I said God please help me! At that moment I put my faith in God and I realized I was standing on my on. I took a step, then another then another…believing! Calling on God and believing without question gave me the strength and courage to move and walk with out question. Hope is the change I needed to believe I could walk again.

For us, living in hope, looks exactly the same – believing nothing is impossible with God and doing what God has put on our hearts to do. We may not know how all the details will work out, but God always does what He says He’ll do.


God give me the faith to believe that nothing is impossible and the courage to face what’s in front of me today. Even if I don’t understand how things will come together, I put my hope in you.


Is there a longing God placed on your heart that seem impossible to fulfill? How can you take a step today to put your faith in action?

Are you a worrier?

Gods plan for youstressed

Philippians 4:4-9 Don’t let stress cause you to worry!!!


Anything you have to have in order to be happy the enemy can use against you. When your dreams and goals start to frustrate you and your no longer enjoying where you are in life because your so focused on what you want that’s a clear sign stress has taken over .When you hold on to what you want so tightly, and that’s all you can think about, your out of balance and out of control. One of the best prayers we can ever pray is; “God let your will be done not mines”.

There are times in life God will ask you to sacrifice the things you want the most for a reason. You may not understand why but it will manifest itself eventually. Proverbs 3;5-6 trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not depend on your own understanding, seek his will in all you do and he will direct your path. Trust that God knows best! Its a test of your faith! And if you past that test, God will give you your hearts desire or even something better.

That is what happened when God told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. Abraham loved his son more than anything in the world but he loved God even more so he was willing to sacrifice the one that meant the most to him. It wasn’t easy, but Abraham made the decision to let go. He said God  you know this is what I’ve always wanted more than anything in the world but I trust you enough to let him go! I can be happy Lord even if things don’t work out my way. When God saw Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son, he gave him his son back.

The pain I went through suffering with the cancer day in and day out was a sacrifice. I knew that if I stayed hopeful God would see me through it. I knew if I just put my faith in God I would be healed and be a witness to God’s greatness. The Lord healed me and gave me a better life!

So the question is’ “Can you be happy if things don’t go your way? If you don’t get the promotion at work or you get some unexpected news from your doctor? Will you trust God and surrender your ways or continue to let you attitude control you if you don’t get what you want? Will you have a grateful attitude despite of and give God praise?” When you pass the test that you don’t have to have your problem turn around for you to be happy, it shows your faith and trust in God. When you use that time to think God for what He has done in your life, then you can enjoy the beauty around you and  take your mind off the problem.  The only thing that you have power over is your thinking. It determines your actions.

So what are you letting steal your joy? If you don’t get a handle on it and turn it over to God, you will never be free of your worries. You have to decide a head of time when troubles come your way that you will make a conscious effort to let it go. Life is to short to be unhappy and worry about things you have no control over. What ever keeps you worried, take the pressure off and let God work it out. He will turn that worry into an abundance of joy and you will step into the fullness of your destiny and purpose. Psalms 62: 1-8 God is our refuge in time of stress.. Psalms 69 1-36 Pray to God in times of stress.


Lord I need you in my life, I repent of my sins, be my Lord and Savory. Direct my life for your plan and purpose for your will not my own….


How do you deal with people around you who don’t believe in you?

 Mark 15:6 Belief affects the way we live.

People do play an important part in our lives, especially those that are close to us. Their opinion seem to have an impact on our lives. Its like when we put on that nice outfit or make a decision about something we are not sure of, we will ask for an opinion; like “what do you think”? We are effected because we want approval and expectances from each other. There is a part of us emotionally that needs validation and not judgment. Ultimately we are asking; I’m I good enough? But, what should be more important is, do you believe in you? Jesus created you in his image perfectly made. From the moment you were born, God gave you a place here on earth; loving and believing in you for his purpose. So for those that don’t believe in you, you should limit the time you spend with them. Find people you can be around who believes in you including family and friends. Stand your grounds, let them know they are wrong about you and show them different . People will always have an opinion, whether they feel justified or not. Arm yourself with GOD’S word, and stand firm knowing who truly believes in you so you won’t ever forget it! Remember no one knows you better than Jesus, and no one can be you but you!

Mark 11:23 Believe and have no doubt in your heart…

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God’s plan for 2015



Romans 8:28 God causes everything to work together according to his Purpose for us.

After the holiday, people start thinking about all the things they want to do to improve their life in the new year, and all the things they didn’t accomplish last year.

We all have dreams we want to fulfill and we want our problems to get better. While we are trying to make things happen on our own , God has a plan of his own. We expect God to answer our prayers and change things according to our plan.

We get in God’s way by trying to figure out how God is going to wipe out a debt, change our spouse, help us find the right person or heal our sickness. But we have to realize God’s way is not our way. His ways are supernatural and higher than our way. When God goes to work, it doesn’t always make sense to us. We have this thought in our mind how things are suppose to be. Our way of doing things can limit Gods plan for us. You have to stay open-minded, patient and faithful knowing God has a different plan for your life,  you just can’t see it yet.

What are you expecting your life to be in 2015? How is this year going to be different than last year? Why don’t you surrender your plan to God today?  Put your trust in Him because he is faithful. Let God direct your step and lead you into the plan He has for your life.


Lord, today I put my faith and trust in you. I know you know what’s best for me.  I surrender my way of trying to do things. Lord let your will be done in me in Jesus name AMEN..