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 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away, behold all things become new.” No matter what a person has previously experienced, we must not allow our pass to enslave us to negative thoughts, forgiveness, ungodly enticement or destructive allurements.  AC Williams’ testimony exemplifies this. Her story reveals that our past sorrows can become our strong point as we turn to Christ and live in the power of the Holy Spirit of God. Her book has been published as an encouragement to demonstrate that through faith in God, you can arise from your wounded past and walk in the victory that Christ Jesus has given us.

Andrews Bills – Pastor/Evangelist of the Victory Hour International Ministries and the president of ABM Publications.


We had the privilege of having AC Williams as a guess speaker of our Life stream Singles Ministry at Water of Life church. She did an excellent job of communicating her journey in life and how her faith has allowed her to overcome various trial in her life. I believe she was able to inspire the people in our group through her testimony as well a encourage them to continue trusting God even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Chuck Belk – Singles Pastor – Water of Life Community Church, Fontana Ca


I met AC recently when I heard her testimony but WOW!  What a beautiful person with a beautiful message! I’m honored to have met her & look forward following her ever so meaningful mission. Amazing courage!   Susan Yasui


Your beautiful smile and passionate personality is such a blessing. I have read your book and I love what you said. Your story helped me to open up and talk about mind. It is such an interesting and gripping book that It was hard to put it down. May God bless you and your family.  Cassandra M


It is extremely evident that AC is allowing God to use her and her testimony. Her story is inspiring and encouraging to fulfill the greatest commission. Her transparency made me think how I can help people. Faith Poery


Thank you for reminding me not to worry and keep believing in God. Also, thank you for keeping a good heart and a love for people. Your message told me to love and forgive my family even when I don’t think they love me. Thank you. Breezy E.


Your testimony was powerful! I love hearing how you trusted God in the actual fire of the circumstances!  Trusting when there is nothing left to stand on! Also, talking about how to apply faith to everyday life and enforce how its not about us but about God’s purpose for us! God is great and powerful! Also, impactful was emphasizing scriptures to fight with a full armor.  Heather Peery


Dear Ms. AC, I have heard and read so much about what God has brought you through. I think God for your amazing testimony it helped me see things different. You have such courage and strength in delivering your message. Continuous blessing to you!  Denise Evans


Thanks AC! I really enjoyed hearing your testimony and talking with you. Your Godly advice was invaluable! Heidi Kleemann


AC I could relate to your testimony because I am going through a test too. Thank you for helping me understand my journey. Your one of God’s angles! Cheryl Aman


Hi Ms AC! Your story amazed me how strong you are. I am encouraged! Brittany Evans


Its wonderful to see how God has brought you through so much and your attitude is great. You inspire me to write something to share. Stevenson Williams


From the first time I met you at Villa Mango in Fontana for the children’s ministry, I knew you was special. Your spirit lights up when you are around people. I am glad to be apart of your journey and watch you soar for Jesus. Unbelievable testimony, wow!!!  Audrey Jauregui


I read your book and I am encouraged after hearing your story to start writing my story… You are amazing and a messenger from God! Thank you AC….  Catherine Johnson